LIMITLESS MUSHROOMS FAIRY DUST is a finely ground 10-mushroom psilocybin powder blend that is extremely versatile and easy-to-digest. FAIRY DUST powder can be used to make magic mushroom tea, hot chocolate, edibles or capsules. Since the dried mushrooms have been ground into a very fine powder, they are much easier to digest and less likely to cause stomach cramps or nausea which can be a common side effect of eating dried magic mushrooms.


Benefits of FAIRY DUST psilocybin mushroom powder over traditional dried magic mushrooms:
  • Much easier to digest than dried mushrooms
  • No more gut rot, cramps or nausea!
  • Fast-acting, effects within 30 minutes when consumed in liquid

FAIRY DUST comes in a premium reusable storage container and contains 5 GRAMS of the 10-mushroom psilocybin powder blend.



5 Grams


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